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released June 24, 2013

Recorded and Produced by Campfire Conspiracy




Campfire Conspiracy Cleveland, Ohio

Pop punk from Cleveland, OH

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Track Name: You Won't Find Me
I could not live with what I’d done.
I had no choice, it was me or him.

I’ve thought it through. I’ve made up my mind.
I’m gonna miss you all and every one I've left behind.

As I watch on the TV, our entire town is searching for me.

I can see you there, with my mom crying, my dad stands there like he doesn't care at all.

This time you'll know it's for real.
I promise you this.

You won't find me.
You wont' find me.

I had no choice but to start again.
Another life so far from home.

I’ve made mistakes I could not undo.
I think I killed that kid and It was not my fault, I swear.

It's not my fault.
Track Name: Goin' Nowhere
I feel like I'm going nowhere
things are going around me
I just have no control
and this is all I know

I keep trying
I'm going nowhere
walls keep going around me
I'm gonna gain control
and this is how I'll show

eople come and go but well always stick together
some will rise and fall but its gonna get better
well stand up tall well stand up true
we can make it though with just me and you
so here i say

we keep on moving on
well keep on singing songs
we feel like we belong
so everybody just sing along
Track Name: Secrets (You Don't Know)
Make no mistake about it. I’m ashamed about it. All of these secrets. These fuckin secrets.

You don’t wanna know what I’ve been hiding from you this whole time. I’ve got secrets. Secrets you don't know

I’ve got skeletons in my closet. I’ve got an elephant in the room.
I’m sure that you resent me for all the secrets I hold from you.
I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me if I could just... tell... you.

It’s hard to live with what I’ve done. I’d rather no one knows about all this. Woah-oh... Secrets you don’t know

If I told you what I’ve done. I hope that you’ll have sympathy for me. Woah-oh... Secrets you don’t know, and you don't wanna know.

My hands are shaking at the thought of letting you down
My mind is racing to the point where i can’t sleep at night
My throat is closed shut as soon as I try to speak
My heart is pounding through my chest